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Tips and Tricks : 4 Tips for creating the perfect Valentine's Day Chalkboard Vinyl Sign!

They say the key to someone’s heart is through their stomach and it’s not Valentine’s Day without putting in the effort to show you care. Why not score some extra brownie points with a personalised chalkboard vinyl sign for Valentine’s Day?

What you will need for your personalised chalkboard vinyl sign:

  • Aslan Blackboard BB 910 Liquid Chalk film

  • Picture frame to apply blackboard vinyl

  • Pencil

  • Aslan C-Pen Liquid Chalk

  • Squeegee

  • Weeding hook

  • Application tape

Here are our top 4 tips to make a personalised chalkboard vinyl sign for Valentine’s Day come to life!

1. Sketch your idea

Great ideas often come from brainstorming. Sketch out your idea before designing your sign by going pencil to paper before going pen to blackboard vinyl. Ideas really come to life when you draw them out first.

2. Use liquid chalk

To put together a blackboard vinyl sign, we highly recommend using liquid chalk. We have used the perfect tool for bringing blackboard vinyl to full creation with Aslan's C-Pen Liquid Chalk. Designed specifically for writing on Aslan's Blackboard BB 910 film, is easier to use compared to traditional chalk and can simply be removed with a damp microfibre cloth.

3. Use a stencil

Creating the perfect sign by hand can be difficult and writing neatly on signage is not always as easy as it looks. Often you may know just the right person with jaw-dropping handwriting. These talented creative geniuses aren't always at our disposal, this is where stencils are your next best option and will have your lettering standing out like never before! We've used Avery Dennison 500 Series in Matte Red for the stencil and used the Roland CAMM-1 GS-24 Desktop Cutter. Additional tip: when using vinyl to create a stencil, we've applied application tape to the vinyl and squeegeed it down with Avery Dennison's Squeegee Pro Rigid Teflon White. It's important to be very patient and it's best to stay focused by slowly ensuring all of the artwork is attached to the application tape, this will also prevent tearing the vinyl. Be sure to hold down any of the letters that are not joint together, for example the vinyl in the middle of the letters A, E and P will need to be manually held down while you transfer the vinyl to the application tape. Use a weeding hook when doing this to get more grip.

For guidance in creating a cut path, setting up vinyl in a cutter and weeding click here

4. Have fun

It's Valentine's Day, there is no right or wrong way to show someone you love them with chalkboard vinyl art. It’s supposed to be fun, so don’t stress over whether it’s perfect or not (especially if you use a stencil to make it look great.) If you are a perfectionist, then simply wipe off your design with a damp microfibre cloth and start over! That’s the beauty of chalkboard vinyl, it’s easy to use and your creative opportunities are endless. You can even use this blackboard vinyl sign for a birthday, an anniversary, even a little dinner sign with friends. For this Valentine's Day blackboard vinyl sign we have used Blackboard BB 910 film with Aslan C-Pen Liquid Chalk however there is a variety of other blackboard vinyl films available to choose from, that are also available in smooth and textured finishes to suit your needs. To find just the right blackboard vinyl or whiteboard vinyl for you, click here view our Aslan product reference guide.


 DIY Valentine's Day Chalkboard Vinyl Sign

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