Balancing the Need for Speed and Stunning Signs: The Jimmy Vernon Story (Part 2)

Balancing the Need for Speed and Stunning Signs: The Jimmy Vernon Story (Part 2)
June 16, 2023 2 view(s) 3 min read
Balancing the Need for Speed and Stunning Signs: The Jimmy Vernon Story (Part 2)



In the world of motorsports, adrenaline and speed reign supreme, but for Jimmy Vernon, there's more to life than just racing. As the manager of Shockwave Signs, a family-owned sign shop, Jimmy has successfully blended his passion for racing with his expertise in signage. With nine years of experience under his belt, Jimmy has made a name for himself in both worlds, leveraging his involvement in the racing community to boost the success of his sign shop.


Shockwave Signs, a family business specialising in all things signage, is the go-to place for vehicle wraps, building signs, safety signs, and everything in between. Jimmy's secret weapon for delivering exceptional results lies in his preference for Arlon materials, with the Arlon SLX+ vehicle wrap being a favorite among customers. By using top-notch materials, Jimmy ensures that each project leaves the shop with a flawless finish, garnering praise and referrals from satisfied clients. Which is why it is no surprise that Jimmy has been able to build a strong relation with Arlon, taking them on as one of his key sponsors alongside us at Graphic Art Mart. Representing Arlon is “an honour” for Jimmy as he is able to “show showcase to the world that they are a premium [brand] and the best in their class.”


Another key factors contributing to Shockwave Signs' success is their strong connection with the motorsport community. As a race car driver, Jimmy has built a network of motorsport enthusiasts. This supportive community has led to a steady influx of clients from the motorsport group, giving Jimmy an edge over competitors and boosting his business.


Running a sign shop and balancing a successful motorsport career is by no means an easy feat however Jimmy has learned to balance the two. Whether that means working extra hour or meticulous planning, he ensures that all clients are still well taken care of and every project meets the highest standards.


Thankfully, Jimmy is not alone in this endeavor. With the help of trusted tradesmen Connor, the team at Shockwave Signs can maintain their outstanding service, even when Jimmy is off racing. This seamless collaboration allows Jimmy to continue pursuing his passion for motorsports without compromising on the success of his sign shop.


V8 SuperUte Series

Currently competing in the V8 SuperUte series, Jimmy's racing journey continues to captivate the hearts of his fans and clients alike. The next race in his calendar will be held this Saturday, 28/07/23. Follow Graphic Art Mart and Jimmy on our social media platforms to witness his exhilarating race and cheer him on as he continues to make waves on and off the track.

Good luck!


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