Embracing Sustainability: The Future of Printing with PVC-Free Print Film

Embracing Sustainability: The Future of Printing with PVC-Free Print Film
July 6, 2023 6 view(s) 3 min read
Embracing Sustainability: The Future of Printing with PVC-Free Print Film

In today's rapidly evolving world, sustainability has become a paramount concern across industries, including the signage industry. As businesses and consumers increasingly prioritise eco-friendly practices, innovative solutions like PVC-free print film have gained momentum.

Zero, a New Zealand-founded company, has taken up the mantle to minimise the environmental impact within the industry. Denise Kirby, the founder with 27 years of experience, witnessed the alarming volume of advertising waste ending up in landfills and recognised the urgent need for change. Motivated by the persistence of printed campaigns in landfills for centuries, Zero set out on a mission to provide a sustainable alternative and pave the way for a greener future.


So what is PVC-Free Print Film?

PVC-free print film is a cutting-edge material designed for promotional signage and graphic applications. Unlike traditional PVC print films, it is composed of non-PVC materials such as polypropylene, making it an eco-friendly choice. This film not only reduces environmental impact but also offers a host of other advantages.


Environmental Benefits of PVC-Free Print Film:

One of the primary advantages of PVC-free print film is its positive impact on the environment. By eliminating PVC, a material known for its harmful environmental consequences, the film significantly reduces carbon footprint and waste generation. Additionally, Zero, have also implemented a take back program scheme to take their products back at the end of their life and recycle them, allowing for a closed-loop system where materials can be repurposed and reused.


High-Quality Printing and Applications:

PVC-free print film doesn't mean compromising on quality. Products like the Zero Eco Print Green and Zero Eco Matte Dot have a smooth matte finish, ensuring premium color reproduction, enhancing the visual appeal of printed graphics. The films are dimensionally stable, maintaining its shape and size, making it ideal for various applications like wall decals, window graphics, events, trade shows, display panels, and point-of-sale materials. Its water and tear resistance properties ensure durability, even in challenging conditions.


Cost-Effectiveness and Ease of Use:

Opting for PVC-free print film won’t harm your budget. In fact, it offers a cost-effective solution for high-quality prints, helping businesses reduce costs while fulfilling their sustainability goals


The Future of Printing:

PVC-free print film represents a significant step towards a more sustainable future for the signage industry. As awareness and demand for eco-friendly alternatives continue to rise, this innovative solution is poised to become the industry standard. By embracing PVC-free print film, businesses can enhance their brand image, meet customer expectations, and contribute to a greener planet.


In a world where sustainability is a pressing concern, PVC-free print film emerges as a game-changer in the printing industry. Companies like Zero, represents a significant step forward in the signage industry's journey towards sustainability. By embracing innovative solutions like PVC-free, businesses and consumers can contribute to a greener future and demonstrate their commitment to eco-friendly practices.





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