Size Matters. Selected Arlon Monomeric and Polymeric Digital Print Films with Matching Overlaminates– Now in 1.6m Width Rolls!

Size Matters. Selected Arlon Monomeric and Polymeric Digital Print Films with Matching Overlaminates– Now in 1.6m Width Rolls!
June 16, 2023

Graphic Art Mart is delighted to announce that our Arlon DPF510 and Series 3510 Overlaminate are now available in a wider 1.6m width.

This exciting addition complements the existing Arlon DPF 4650GLX high-performance digital film, which features the innovative X-Scape Technology®, and is accompanied by the matching Arlon Series 3460 overlaminate, also available in the 1.6m width.

The larger size rolls provides an incredible opportunity to maximise your business efficiency, allowing for greater printing capacity and outstanding value for your promotional graphics needs.

Arlon Series DPF 510


The Arlon Series DPF 510 delivers a consistent, vibrant print quality at an unbeatable value for your short-term applications. The adhesive ensures a lasting impact for your everyday promotional graphics and can be used with dry or wet applications. This monomeric digital print film is perfect for all your short term promotional needs.

Combine DPF 510 with Series 3510 overlaminate for an easier installation and abrasion resistance.



Key Features of Arlon Series DPF510:

·       Consistent, Vibrant Print Quality: The DPF510 is designed to deliver consistent, vibrant print quality that will make your graphics stand out.

·       Lay-Flat Polycoated Liner: Comes with a two-sided, lay-flat polycoated liner, ensuring that the material won't curl under heavy heat from printers. This feature makes your graphics easier to handle and install.

·       High Heat and Humidity Resistance: DPF510 is highly resistant to high heat and humidity, making it a reliable choice for a variety of printing conditions.

·       Versatile Application: Whether it's for dry or wet applications, the DPF510 is up to the task, providing flexibility in your installation process.

·       Ink Receptivity: DPF510 boasts consistent ink receptivity across most print systems, ensuring that your graphics will look exactly as intended.

·       Permanent, High Tack and Removable Adhesive Options: You have the choice of permanent, high tack and low tack removable solvent-based adhesives to suit your specific needs.



Variants Available:

DPF 510 Permanent G / M / GT / MT: This option delivers a lasting impact with a permanent adhesive, perfect for your everyday promotional graphics.

DPF 510 High Tack G/M/GT/MT-HT: This high tack version offers the same vibrant print quality with a higher adhesive strength, suitable for short-term applications.

DPF 510 Removable GTR / MTR: For more flexibility, choose the removable variant with a low tack adhesive, allowing for easy removal of up to one year.


For added protection and enhanced durability, combine DPF 510 with the Arlon Series 3510 overlaminate. The Arlon Series 3510 allows for easier installation and provides abrasion resistance, ensuring that your graphics maintain their quality even in demanding conditions.


Arlon DPF 4650GLX

The Arlon DPF 4650GLX is the must have solution for all your outdoor graphics and signage needs. This high-performance calendared film and overlaminate is designed to deliver exceptional results and ease of use.


Featuring Arlon’s Low Profile X-Scape Technology®, installers can achieve a flawless bubble free application. Plus, the repositionable adhesive system, tinted in a light gray shade, not only ensures easy installation but also provides enough opacity to effortlessly cover up existing graphics or dark substrates.

For the ultimate finish, consider pairing it with the Arlon Series 3460 overlaminate. This combination will ensure your outdoor graphics and signage projects receive the highest level of quality and durability.



Available Formats:

Arlon DPF 4650GLX Print Film: 1.372/1.6m

Arlon 3460 Matte Overlaminate: 1.372/1.6m

Arlon 3460 Series Gloss Overlaminate: 1.372/1.6m

­Arlon DPF 4650GLX Print Film and Arlon 3460 Matte Overlaminate Kit: 1.372/1.6m

­Arlon DPF 4650GLX Print Film and Arlon 3460 Gloss Overlaminate Kit: 1.372/1.6m

Size Matters. Explore Arlon’s monomeric and polymeric range now available in 1.6m width rolls. Exclusive to Graphic Art Mart.