Discover the Mactac JT8300 Dot Series

Discover the Mactac JT8300 Dot Series
February 7, 2024

Elevate your design game with Mactac's JT 8300 Dot Series, a versatile monomeric film designed to simplify the creation of stunning and impactful graphics. This series features a removable adhesive with a unique dotted pattern, enhancing transparency and printability for a professional finish. Whether you're decorating commercial spaces or setting up exhibitions, JT 8300 Dot Series empowers users to achieve remarkable designs without the need for professional applicators.


Key Features:

Removable Dotted Adhesive:

The distinctive dotted adhesive pattern ensures easy application and removal, making it a hassle-free choice for short-term promotional graphics.

Enhanced transparency allows for a seamless blend with the surface, delivering a professional and polished look.


Cost-Effective Short-Term Decorations:

Ideal for businesses looking for cost-effective solutions for short-term promotions in commercial spaces and exhibitions.  Reduces the need for professional applicators, putting the power of impactful designs directly into the hands of users.


User-Friendly Handling:

JT 8300 Dot Series is designed for employees of commercial spaces, offering a user-friendly experience that surpasses products with air egress technology.

The ease of handling ensures that even those without extensive graphic application experience can achieve professional results.


Versatile Options:

Available in both clear gloss and white matte, providing flexibility to suit diverse design preferences and applications.


Macatc JT 8300 Clear Gloss Dot Series
Mactac JT 8300 White Matte Dot Series