Empowering Future Signwriters: Graphic Art Mart's Contribution to WorldSkills Australia Event

Empowering Future Signwriters: Graphic Art Mart's Contribution to WorldSkills Australia Event
August 18, 2023


Our company's success is deeply intertwined with the strength of our community. At Graphic Art Mart, we are committed to fostering robust connections with both our customers and the community at large. Going beyond our business endeavours, we take immense pride in supporting a range of meaningful initiatives.


It's with this spirit that we are thrilled to highlight the involvement of our Graphic Art Mart Sunshine team as proud supporters of WorldSkills Australia. The upcoming event, set to span three days, will bring together WorldSkills Australia and the Victorian Careers and Employment Expo at the esteemed Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre. These gathering aims to showcase the pinnacle of Australian skill excellence and illuminate promising career pathways.


The National Championships stand as Australia's premier platform for vocational education and excellence. Over this three-day extravaganza, participants from various regions across the nation converge at the Skills Show Australia. Here, they get the chance to exhibit and measure their skills on a national stage, engaging in friendly competition with their industry peers from all corners of the country.



So what exactly is World Skills?

WorldSkills Australia is driven by a singular goal: to ensure that young Australians have access to vocational education and training that stands strong on the global stage.

Their motivation stems from the profound understanding that skills and trades play a pivotal role in forging thriving economies, fostering productive communities, and nurturing confident young members of society. They firmly believe that the pursuit of skills excellence paves the way for diverse career opportunities and pathways for the youth. Moreover, they recognize that skills and trades possess the power to shape the very fabric of our world.


The organisation's cornerstone approach to nurturing skills excellence lies in their well-established skills competitions, a tradition spanning more than four decades. These competitions unfold at regional, national, and international tiers, offering young individuals a platform to measure their skill levels against their peers.


Skills on display at the World Skill Championship 



Signs and Graphics

Signs and graphics is one of the key skills on display at the show. With students competing in a range of different skills from banner designs to vehicle wrapping.

Graphic Art Mart Sunshine takes immense pride in its role as a supporter, having supplied materials for the competition. Their contribution aids in fostering the upcoming generation of skilled signwriters.


Anticipating an impressive attendance of over 25,000 visitors throughout the three-day period, the event seamlessly merges the Victorian Career and Employment Expo with the WorldSkills Australia showcase. This dynamic convergence creates an exhilarating platform aimed at empowering young Australians to proudly display their skills and capabilities.

Signs and Graphics Stand