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Soudal Soudaseal Supertack


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290ml high quality, neutral, elastic, 1-component adhesive sealant based on MS-Polymer with an extremely high initial tack of min 200kg/m2
Cost Effective

Cost Effective



Endless Options

Endless Options

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Easy to Use



Product Specifications

Soudal Soudaseal Supertack is a high quality power adhesive with extreme initial grab. Ideal for bonding objects on horizontal or vertical surfaces where super adhesive strength and an exceptional initial grab is required. It is based on MS Polymer, chemically neutral and fully elastic. Triangular nozzle makes for great workability. Pressure applied to the bond determines final bonding strength. Extremely high initial tack of min. 200kg/m2.

More Information

• Excellent adhesion on porous and non-porous materials

• Remains elastic

• Primerless adhesion on most surfaces, and straight forward application even in adverse conditions

• Free of isocyanates, solvents, halogens, acids and odours

• Triangular nozzle ensures perfect application of adhesive every time

• Available in black or white, and contains no odour

• Suitable for signage, building, marine and automotive installations

• Fast curing

• High shear strength after full cure (no primer)


• Signage applications: Aluminium Composite Panel, FoamX (PVC foam), Byson Board (foam core), acrylic panel, corrugated cardboard, MDF, plywood, PVC, polystyrene and more.

• Bonding in building and metal industry.

• Elastic bonding of objects, panels, profiles and other pieces on the most common substrates.

• Elastic structural bonding in automotive applications: buses, trains, trucks, caravans or trailers à

BenefitsCost Effective, Easy to Use, Long-lasting, Endless Options, Versatile


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Soudal Soudaseal Supertack

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