Soudal Cleaner and Degreaser


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400ml high performing quickdrying cleaner and degreasing solution
Cost Effective

Cost Effective



Easy to Use

Easy to Use

Time Saving

Time Saving

Product Specifications

Soudal Cleaner and Degreaser is a powerful, fast drying cleaner and degreaser popular among customers for everyday use, to very specific jobs. It is suitable for the preparation of surfaces before applying sealants and adhesives. Suitable for most surfaces and leaves no residue. Also used for general maintenance and assembly jobs. It can be used for the removal of uncured excess MS Polymers, PU (polyurethane) or silicone sealants, tar residue, grease and wax.

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TechnologyTools and Accessories
ColourNo Colour

• Cleans and degreases

• Leaves no residue

• Quick drying

• Convenient aerosol can that may be used at any angle

• Multi-purpose usage, from simple to complex


•Ideal for removing excess hardeners, MS Polymers, PU or silicone sealants, tar, grease and wax from

•Aluminium Composite Panel, FoamX (PVC foam), Byson Board (foam core), coreflute, glass, acrylic panel, PVC, aluminium, mild and stainless steel, glass, zinc, copper, brass, tiles and more. Not to be used with porous surfaces such as untreated wood or natural stone.

BenefitsCost Effective, Easy to Use, Versatile, Time Saving


Soudal Cleaner and Degreaser PDS

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Soudal Cleaner and Degreaser

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