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YelloTools Treemaxx Range

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Moveable or static shelving for the storage of self adhesive and non-adhesive film rolls
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Yellotools A-Tube 165 for Treemax/CozyRack
$65.34 / each
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SKU - YT09AT165
Yellotools TreeMaxx 165 Tube
$908.88 / each
Excl. GST
SKU - YT09TM165
Yellotools TreeMaxx Easy Reach Pro 140cm
$3,101.70 / each
Excl. GST
Yellotools TreeMaxx Easy Reach Pro 165cm
$3,782.21 / each
Excl. GST
Yellotools A-Tube Stoppers 2pk
$8.03 / each
Excl. GST
SKU - YT12ATS001

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Easy to Use

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Time Saving

Product Specifications

Heavy film media rolls are not easy to move - especially when you are alone. The TreeMaxx Tube holds a maximum of 15 rolls up to a width of 165 cm. The extremely sturdy design, the high-quality birch multiplex wood, the heavy-duty rollers - all of this makes this moveable film roll shelf a versatile storing system for your signmaking workshop.

• Holds up to 12 rolls

• Unwinding device with cutting bar

• Incl. cutting mouse

• Including meter counter

• Stable stand

• Moveable / movable

• Maximum load 400 kg

• Made in Germany

More Information

• Sturdy glued wood construction

• Holds up to 15 rolls

• Moveable


• We have developed the Treemaxx EasyReach Pro so that film rolls can be removed and stowed away by just one person. The special feature of this storage technology is the lifting mechanism for hanging and unhooking the foils: The roll core rests on a stable mandrel on the left-hand side, while a movable holding pin on the right-hand side enables easy removal and reinsertion of the roll media. Simply hold the film roll in the middle, lift it up a bit and remove it. For stowage, the roll is first placed on the mandrel on the left and then on the retaining pin on the right.

BenefitsCost Effective, Easy to Use, Versatile, Time Saving

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YelloTools Treemaxx Range

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