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Weld-on 3 Acrylic Cement

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WELD-ON 3 is a water-thin solvent cement for creating seamless acrylic bonds. Fast-setting, clear, ideal for sign fabrication, POP displays, and plastic assembly. Unmatched strength in hours.
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WELD ON #3 TIN / 118ml
$22.55 / each
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WELD ON #3 TIN / 473ml
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Cost Effective

Cost Effective

Creative Flexibility

Creative Flexibility

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Easy to Use

Product Specifications
WELD-ON 3 is the ultimate solution for seamless acrylic bonding, delivering unparalleled strength and speed in acrylic fabrication projects. Crafted as a water-thin, non-flammable solvent cement, it forms crystal-clear bonds with various thermoplastic substrates, particularly acrylic. Its rapid setting properties ensure a quick initial bond within minutes, escalating to robust strength in mere hours. By softening the surfaces and fusing them together through solvent dissipation, WELD-ON 3 creates impeccable joints, essential for flawless acrylic constructions. While it excels in bonding acrylic, it also demonstrates remarkable adhesion to plastics like styrene, butyrate, and polycarbonates, opening doors to diverse applications in sign fabrication, POP displays, and plastic container assembly. Whether for signage, housewares, or intricate displays, WELD-ON 3 sets the standard for quality acrylic bonding.
More Information

• Non flammable

• Very fast setting

• Water thin

• Easy to use


• Acrylic sheet

• Polycarbonate sheet

• Various other thermoplastics

BenefitsCost Effective, Easy to Use, Creative Flexibility

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Weld-on 3 Acrylic Cement

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Weld-on 3 Acrylic Cement

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