Viponds Prep Lube


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A 500ml concentrated solution for substrate lubrication prior to the application of finished graphics



Endless Options

Endless Options

Easy to Use

Easy to Use

Time Saving

Time Saving

Product Specifications

Vipond Prep Lube is a concentrate designed to lubricate substrates prior to applying vinyl films. Prep Lube allows the applicator to accurately position the vinyl, enhancing the adhesion of the graphic. Each 500ml of concentrate will yield 4 litres of solutions. Suitable for glass surfaces.

Application: Dilute the Prep Lube Concentrate with water (500 mls makes 4 litres of solution) and pour into a spray bottle. Clean the substrate with Prep Lube (diluted) or Prep Vinyl prior to the application of vinyl. Spray the substrate and the adhesive side of the vinyl with Prep Lube and then position the vinyl onto the substrate. When accurately positioned use a squeegee to remove all the liquid between the substrate and the vinyl. Allow a few minutes before removing the application tape.

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TechnologyTools and Accessories
ColourNo Colour

• Used to help apply vinyl to substrates

• Dilute Prep Lube with water - 500mls makes 4lts (125ml per litre)

• Can be used to clean substrate before applying vinyl


• Application of vinyl decals

• Ideal for glass application

BenefitsEasy to Use, Endless Options, Versatile, Time Saving


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