Tec7 Universal Multi Clean Foaming Cleaner


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Meet Tec7 Universal Multi Clean Foaming Cleaner. Ideal for household and professional use. Safe on mirrors, windows, furniture, etc. Removes rubber marks, grease, and nicotine stains effectively. Conduct patch test on sensitive surfaces
Cost Effective

Cost Effective



Easy to Use

Easy to Use

Time Saving

Time Saving

Product Specifications
Introducing Tec7 Universal Multi Clean Foaming Cleaner, a versatile solution designed for both household and professional applications. This fast-acting foaming cleaner is meticulously formulated to tackle a wide array of surfaces, including mirrors, windows, doors, furniture, imitation leather, hard synthetics, stainless steel, enamel, formica tiles, and carpeting, among others.Crafted to deliver exceptional results, Tec7 Universal Multi Clean effectively removes stubborn residues such as rubber marks, dirt, grease, nicotine stains, and pencil marks. Its multi-surface compatibility makes it a convenient choice for various cleaning tasks.Prioritise safety by conducting a patch test on sensitive surfaces before full application. This ensures optimal performance while safeguarding delicate materials.Experience the efficiency and reliability of Tec7 Universal Multi Clean, the go-to solution for swift and thorough cleaning needs in both domestic and professional settings.
More Information

• Fast acting

• Safe to use

• Non abrasive

• No Streaking


• Cleaning and degreasing

• Surface preparation

• Perfect degreasing for bonding

• Mirrors and glass

BenefitsCost Effective, Easy to Use, Versatile, Time Saving


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Tec7 Universal Multi Clean Foaming Cleaner

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Tec7 Universal Multi Clean Foaming Cleaner

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