RollePro Applicator Wheel


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RollePro Applicator Wheel is designed to assist with the application of a wide range of prepasted and self adhesive films
Easy to Use

Easy to Use

Time Saving

Time Saving



Product Specifications
RollePro is a 45mm soft application roller that is ideal for the application of wallpapers and textiles.The soft surface of the roller aids application as it applies even pressure across the roller and presses the media well into the textured surface of the wall.
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• Rolls over rivets and contoured surfaces easily.

• Eliminates the need to use a brush to seal rivets.

• May be used on a variety of surfaces such as brick and concrete, vehicles and smooth surfaces.

• Up to 50% faster applications


• Make all your vinyl installations quick, smooth and bubble free with the revolutionary RollePro tool. The ergonomically designed and specially formulated heat resistant wheel is designed to roll over vinyl covered rivets and contours in seconds, bringing speed and comfort to the once time-consuming application process.

BenefitsEasy to Use, Long-lasting, Time Saving

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RollePro Applicator Wheel

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