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Tips and Tricks : Which perforated vinyl for car windows should I use? 

Choosing the right perforated vinyl product can be difficult if you don't understand how it works and what options you have available.

One way vision vinyl films, or perforated window film extends advertising and branding opportunities for vehicle graphics. Below we'll take you through a few key questions and things to take into consideration when choosing to use one way vision films for car windows.

How does perforated vinyl film work?
The Perforated window films contain areas of printed graphics, often referred to as a printed pattern with unprinted areas that are see-through. We have different perforated vinyl films available with different amounts of coverage, however typically most films contain unprinted see through areas, which are up to 50% of the film. Where these is no film, the holes have no ink and are generally darker.

When audiences look at printed graphics on perforated window film, viewers eyes are drawn to the printed image, where it reflects more light than the see-through holes allowing the vinyl to appear as a solid graphic.

Viewers from the inside, can see straight through the graphics through the holes. To achieve the best results, having a black 'backing' to cover the printed areas on the film is important and therefore won't block out the unprinted areas, guaranting the highest results.

Things to consider
Always ensure that the perforated window film you are using is suitable for vehicles. There is in fact perforated films that are not suitable for vehicles, and instead are suitable for general signage. In particular, you should always check that your film complies with the right rules and regulations. In all states and territories throughout Australia, there are regulations that specify the minimum visible light transmission (VLT) rules for all windows on vehicles. These laws affect any material or coating applied to windows, such as tinting, stickers and perforated window film.

The differences between window decals and perforated vinyl
Window decals have designs that are applied to your vehicle's window. You can use transparent types of window decals however it can be harder to see from a distance and limited visibility for people who are driving by. Perforated vinyl film unlike decals, will prevent people from seeing inside your vehicle but allow the driver to be able to look out from inside their vehicle. Drivers passing by also have more opportunity for better visibility, due to the construction of the film.

What are it's uses?
Surprisingly the benefits of one way vision films for car windows aren't just limited to a sole purpose. When selecting one way vision perforated window film for car windows, below we've highlighted key uses and opportunities.

Perforated window film ensures your window graphics continue to represent your branding and show off your ads with 24/7 spotlight. With the ability to digitally print your branding and have full customisation, you can show off your business like never before!

Window tinting and privacy 
While you can show off your advertising branding, messages and advertisements, you can also use these films for window tinting. In part, this also ensure a level of privacy created as people cannot see in your car when they look at the graphics.

Choosing the right one way vision film for car windows for your business is important, not only is it essential for branding but it offers new audiences to see your advertisements and in part, brings new clients on board. Creating fun and innovative advertising through perforated vinyl leaves an element of remembrance and will leave customers remembering your brand. This is due to the simple fact that perforated vinyl, also known as window perf, adds mystery and surprise and if you are able to affect your audience, they will remember you.

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