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Tips and Tricks : Create A Valentines Day Canvas Sign

For guide in creating a cut path, setting up vinyl in a cutter and weeding click here

Tips to Create a Customised Valentines Day Canvas Sign

Artwork information:
Canvas Size: 20cm x 25cm
Artwork Size: 17cm x 15cm

1. Measure the canvas and determine the artwork size.
Open Adobe Illustrator and set up your art board accordingly - we used the canvas size as the art board which helped us determine the correct font size.
Type your personalised message and select your font (we have chosen Luna Regular font).
Adjust the image to the desired size, in our case 17cm x 15cm.
Create a cut path. For more information on creating a cut path, refer to our Tips on Creating a Vector File in Adobe Illustrator for Cut Graphics.
Save the artwork as a PDF or EPS, depending on your cutters RIP software, and copy the file to a USB.
7. Set the file up in your RIP software.
Insert the vinyl into the cutting machine, liner side down, adjust the pinch rollers to fit the width of the vinyl and secure the media clamps by pushing them down.
9.Test the media before you cut the final image.

Note, there should be just enough force to leave a slight impression on the vinyl backing paper. Adjust the cutter settings, if necessary. For more information on adjusting cutter setting, refer to your machine's user manual.

10. Once satisfied the media is cutting and weeding properly, cut the final artwork.
11. When finished, release the media clamps and remove your vinyl.
12. Weed your vinyl by removing the excess vinyl from around the outside of the graphic.
13. Use a weeding hook to lift and remove the excess vinyl from the inside of the graphic.

Note, the smaller the features in your graphic, the more challenging it is to weed.

14. Apply application tape to the weeded vinyl.
15. Apply pressure with the squeegee to allow the vinyl to stick to the application tape.
16. Position your artwork on the canvas with the sticky side on the canvas.
17. Apply pressure with a squeegee across the artwork to activate the adhesive to the substrate.
18. Once you are confident that the vinyl has stuck, slowly begin to peel the application tape away from the vinyl.
19. As you a removing the application tape, the vinyl should stick to the substrate. Sometimes you might need to use a weeding hook or knife to help peel off the vinyl that is still attached to the application tape.
 20. Once the application tape has been removed, carefully apply pressure across the artwork with a squeegee to make sure that the whole piece has adhered. 




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