Mimaki UJV500-160 UV LED-Inkjet printer

The Mimaki UJV500-160 LED UV is a high-speed LED-UV printer with excellent productivity and high weatherability UV Inkjet technology. Features a combination of high speed and quality printing up to a maximum print speed of 60m2/h. Since UV inks dry immediately when exposed to UV light, no drying time is required. This dramatically improves work efficiency for the user and shortens delivery times.

Available with 2 ink type configurations:

Mimaki LUS-150 Ink
CWMK+W UV Inkjet Inks. Ideal for high speed printing with vibrant colour results

Mimaki LUS-200 Ink(Flexible)
CWMK+W UV Inkjet Inks with 200% flexibility. Ideal for using on curved surfaces and vehicle wraps.


• High speed 60m2/h printing
• Vivid and vibrant print results
• Excellent durability
• Enhance productivity

Suitable Applications

• Packaging prototypes
• Point of purchase
• Window displays

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