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Tips and Tricks: Step Up Your Game With Floor Graphics 

Never miss an opportunity! Transform your bare floor with graphics of any size, shape, and place them in any given space without obstructing foot traffic or breaking your budget. Utilise the space you have to create strategic advertising and messaging, that has the ability to open up creative opportunities.

Placement is key, consider at the entrance of shops, near the checkout line, cash register and waiting rooms. Clever placements will add more opportunities to ignite your customer’s imagination. Waiting rooms mean a captive audience that has time to ponder your brand’s messages in a space that could potentially be missed. Adding an element of escapism, can capture audiences instantly. Why not set the scene for an epic vacation?


With indoor and outdoor options, you can grab attention outside and then pull audiences in for even more brand awareness, with graphics that make you stop in your tracks. Place graphics on almost any surface, including carpet, extending use of an otherwise unused area allowing for more than one purpose. With different adhesive options, permanent and removable, you can create great campaigns for short run promotions or longer-term branding requirements. If the graphic isn’t textured, there is an abundance of textured laminates to choose from. These textured laminates make the graphic more durable, scuff resistant and slip resistant.


Benefits of floor graphics:

• Versatile: Vinyl can be cut to any size or shape, creating more tailored solutions.

• Attention grabbing: Extending advertising opportunities while being creative. Utlising different floor spaces will undoubtedly draw them in every time.

• Saves space: In comparison to other advertising signage that require space allocated, floor graphics can be placed freely allowing business to save space.

• Directional: Fun, exciting and educational solution and tool. It can be used for simple guidance, create messages and transform events and exhibitions to be engaging and interactive.


Things to consider:

 Surface: Always check the vinyl will adhere to the floor’s surface. Ensure the surface is clean, secure and in good condition. Guarantee the best placement by not installing graphics over loose or uneven areas.

 Placement of graphics: check the vinyl will stick to the floor’s surface.

 Quality of the floor’s surface: ensure that the floor surface is secure and in good condition. This includes ensuring you are not installing graphics over loose or uneven tiles to ensure best placement.

 Lamination: If the film used is not a textured floor vinyl, a textured laminate must be applied to make it slip resistant.

• Maintenance: Always clean up spills or other contaminants immediately. If graphic is lifting at the edges, remove and replace.


Retail shop fronts and pop-up displays

Catch your customer at the entrance with eye-catching promotions, this will instantly draw them in store. We all know waiting areas or rooms can be a space where there is time to ponder, why not use this space as a way engage with your customer and never miss an opportunity to share direct messages and promotions. Add a level of increased impact and vibrancy to pop up shops. You might have a smaller space to work with outside of the retail store, here you can use the limited space you have and add more dimension to the space with impactful visuals that draw attention.


Exhibitions, events and tradeshows

Add instant impact to both indoor and outdoor exhibitions, events and tradeshows. Add a whole new level of opportunity by transforming 2D spaces with 3D floor graphics. Anamorphic floor graphics are crowd stopping. These optical illusions have the ability to leap right out at you, becoming memorable and engaging.


Stickers and decals

Stickers and decals are extremely dynamic, why limit them to just walls and windows? Using stickers and decals on floors provides a great solution to short term promotional activations and campaigns. Not only can they be utilised to fill the bare floor, they can easily be placed and changed when needed. Utilise floor decals in elevators, on stairs and places where people typically wait in line, creating fantastic placements for high level foot traffic.


Carpet graphics

Transform uninspiring short-pile carpet surfaces into instantly appealing attention-grabbing areas. Whether it’s at an event, office space, retail or pop up stores, these graphics can be used for campaigns to extend branding, promotions and messages. Carpet graphics can be used as a way of providing safety signage at events and exhibitions, both during and while setting up, reducing the risk of injury from poorly placed emergency signage.



Increase impact, education and safety, with the simple use of wayfinding graphics. Whether your campaign requires simple directions and guidance, or if you need additional safety graphics. These graphics don’t always need to be focused on directions, campaigns can be activated to be fun, educational and inspiring. Increase the impact of your event with interactive wayfinding that promotes engagement and guidance all at the same time! Perfect for airports, train stations and other environments that require stand out graphics. Tailor airport signage with high impact graphics that ensure messages and directions won’t be missed in the crowds. Place safety wayfinding signage at train stations to avoid injuries with clear stand out graphics.


The opportunities are endless. Add vibrancy, impact and statements with floor graphics. A little creativity goes a long way. What was once an unused space, a bare floor can become an engaging advertising solution offering increased exposure.


We have a wide range of floor graphic films available for both indoor and outdoor applications. 

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