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Avery Dennison V6750B Consp. (Curtain)

Avery V-6790B Conspicuity Tape (Flex) is perfect for use on trucks and trailers with flexible curtain sides. *Up to 3 years outdoor durability.

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WHITE Avery V6750B Conspicuity White (Flex) 51mm x 50m Roll  $264.96 $291.46
YELLOW Avery V6751B Conspicuity Yellow (Flex) 51mm x 50m Roll  $264.96 $291.46
RED Avery V6772B Conspicuity Red (Flex) 51mm x 50m Roll  $264.96 $291.46
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Avery Vinyl Film

Avery Dennison V-6700B Series Conspicuity Tape (Flex)

Avery Dennison V-6790B Series Conspicuity tapes are high quality, durable, single layer mircroprismatic reflective materials. Features Avery’s OmniDirectional microprismatic film that incorporates tiles of full-cube microprisms arranged in multiple orientations. This feature – “Smart at Every Angle” - benefits agencies by providing confidence that all signs will perform with uniform visual reflectivity at all sign face orientations. Designed for use on trucks and trailers with flexible curtain surfaces, V-6790B provides superior reflectivity and enhanced nighttime safety. ECE104 Compliant. *Up to 3 years outdoor durability.

*One study demonstrated a 41% reduction in side/rear trailer impact (collisions) when using conspicuity tape for contour marking.

• Flexible construction allows for easy application and durability
• Omni-Directional technology provides consistent performance in different orientations
• Provides exceptional all-distance viewing at dawn, dusk and night
• Single layer construction does not require edge sealing
• Initial repositionability eases application and provides long lasting bond 
• Integrated application tape allows contour marking to be copied as 1 piece
• Low application temperature adhesive - can be applied at 0°C

Suitable Applications:
• Curtain-sided trucks and trailers
• Other flexible surfaces

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