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Avery Dennison V6700B Consp. Tape (Rigid)

Avery V-6700B Conspicuity Tape (Rigid) is perfect for use on trucks and trailers with rigid surfaces. *Up to 8 years outdoor durability.

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WHITE Avery V6700B Conspicuity White (Rigid) 51mm x 50m Roll  $134.13 $147.54
YELLOW Avery V6701B Conspicuity Yellow (Rigid) 51mm x 50m Roll  $134.13 $147.54
RED Avery V6722B Conspicuity Red (Rigid) 51mm x 50m Roll  $134.13 $147.54
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Avery Vinyl Film

Avery Dennison V-6700B Series Conspicuity Tape (Rigid)

Avery Dennison V-6700B Series Conspicuity tapes are high quality, durable, single-layer mircroprismatic reflective materials. Features Avery’s OmniDirectional microprismatic film that incorporates tiles of full-cube microprisms arranged in multiple orientations. This feature – “Smart at Every Angle” - benefits agencies by providing confidence that all signs will perform with uniform visual reflectivity at all sign face orientations, which is ideal for contour marking applications. Designed for use on trucks and trailers with rigid surfaces, V-6700B provides superior reflectivity and enhanced nighttime safety. ECE104 Compliant. Up to 8 years outdoor durability.

*One study demonstrated a 41% reduction in side/rear trailer impact (collisions) when using conspicuity tape for contour marking.

• Omni-Directional technology provides consistent performance in different orientations
• Provides exceptional all-distance viewing at dawn, dusk and night
• Single layer construction does not require edge sealing
• Initial repositionability eases application, allows errors to be fixed easily and provides a long lasting bond
• Easy to cut even on substrates
• Protected against UV, solvents, fuel and abrasion 
• Low application temperature adhesive - can be applied at 0°C
Integrated application tape allows contour marking to be applied as one piece

Suitable applications:
• Rigid trucks and trailers
• Emergency vehicles
• Trains and buses

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