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Soudal Pro Installation Kit

Includes an exclusive Soudal lockable Storage Box with a selection of high-quality Soudal products. An all-in-one set.

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Avery Vinyl Film
Soudal Appication Gun

Soudal - Professional Installation Kit

Includes an exclusive Soudal lockable Storage Box with a selection of Soudal products including:
• Soudaseal Supertack (x12)
• Heavy Duty Application Gun (x1)
• Sealant Remover (x1)
• Swipex Wipes (x1 80 Pack)
• Cleaner & Degreaser (x1)
Soudal Appication Gun

Soudal - Soudaseal Supertack

Soudaseal Supertack is a high-quality, power adhesive with extreme initial grab. It is based on MS Polymer, chemically neutral and fully elastic. For bonding objects on horizontal or vertical surfaces where super adhesive strength is required. Features good workability with a triangular shaped nozzle.

Soudal Appication Gun

Soudal - Cleaner & Degreaser

Soudal Cleaner & Degreaser is a fast-drying cleaner and degreaser for a wide range of operations. Suitable for preparation of surfaces before applying sealants and adhesives. Popularly used for various maintenance and assembly jobs.
Soudal Appication Gun

Soudal - Swipex Wipes

Soudal Swipex Wipes are designed to remove sealants, foams and adhesives from surfaces, hands and tools. Also removes grease and oil. All-round heavy duty cleaning wipe for industrial strength uses. Compact packaging makes it fast and easy to use.
Soudal Appication Gun

Soudal - Application Gun

The Soudal Application Gun is a premium-quality, durable skeleton gun for dispensing all cartridge based products. Featuring Soudal Dripless System which reduces mess and product waste. This gun is built to partner Soudal’s range of applied adhesives, fillers and sealants.
Soudal Appication Gun

Soudal - Sealant Remover

Soudal Sealant Remover is a ready-to-use and fast-working spray based on terpenes for removing hardened silicones and MS polymers. Can be applied on most surfaces, including aluminium, coatings, ceramics, laminated board, paint and certain plastics. Quick action and non-drip.
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