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Knifeless Finish Line Tape x 50m

Finish Line Tape is designed for use on most wrap applications where a pin-point accurate surface cut is requried.

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Knifeless - Finish Line Tape

Finish Line Tape is specifically designed for use on most wrap applications, where a pin-point accurate surface cut is required. Knifeless Tape is the latest in cutting technology, and ensures a knife-free cut that won't damage the underlying paint or film used. Knifeless tape is highly versatile and flexible allowing for intricate designs with tight curves and corners. Each application can be done simply, quickly and with one continuous tape line. 


• 3.5mm Wide x 50 Metre rolls
• Optimised for use on wrap applications - for pin-point surface cuts.
• Ideal for many complex shapes and irregular surfaces
• Low elongation allows for easy straightening of the tape without fear of breakage for
   straight line application
• Smooth backing allows repositioning of vinyl film without the tape lifting
• Conformable with most wrap applications
Suitable Applications:
• Car bumper bars
• Door handles
• Mirrors
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