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Keencut Evolution E3 Cutters

Size Description Sold by *excl. GST incl. GST Quantity
BENCH 1.6M Keencut Evolution E3 BenchTop Cutter Bar - 1.60m Each  $1,799.20 $1,979.12
SF 1.6M Keencut Evolution E3 SmartFold Cutter Bar - 1.60m Each  $2,244.35 $2,468.79
SF 2.1M Keencut Evolution E3 SmartFold Cutter Bar - 2.10m Each  $2,466.93 $2,713.62
SF 2.6M Keencut Evolution E3 SmartFold Cutter Bar - 2.60m Each  $2,726.62 $2,999.28
SF 3.1M Keencut Evolution E3 SmartFold Cutter Bar - 3.10m Each  $3,023.38 $3,325.72
SF 3.6M Keencut Evolution E3 SmartFold Cutter Bar - 3.60m Each  $3,524.20 $3,876.62
CREASER Keencut Evolution E3 Creaser Tool Head Each  $384.17 $422.59
GRAPHIK Keencut Evolution E3 Double Graphik Tool Head Each  $384.17 $422.59
FABRIC Keencut Evolution E3 Fabric Cutting Tool Head Each  $384.17 $422.59
  *excl. GST price is for information only. GST applies to all products ordered. Order quantity must be a whole number.

Keencut Evolution3

The Keencut Evolution3 is available is three models in a variety of sizes to suit your needs. The BenchTop fits to any bench, the SmartFold can be stowed underneath the bench and both feature the Lift-and-Hover alignment system. The FreeHand is a portable version for flexible use. *Availability to order all models upon request. Please speak with our equipment team for more information.

The Keencut Evolution3 range also offers future-proof and versatile QuickSwap Tools. The Double Graphik Tool Head, which provides two-way cutting with two individual blade holders. The Fabric Tool Head, a spring-loaded cutting wheel that cuts in both directions and the Creaser Tool Head, creases corrugated and plain card.

• Quick and easy to use - saves time and money

• Reliable and built to last with a 5-year warranty mm

• Lift-and-Hover* (patent pending) for fast, accurate cut alignment

• Future-proof and versatile QuikSwap tool heads

• Guaranteed ultra high precision 0.2mm accuracy

• Cuts PVC foamboard up to 13mm


BenchTop Features

• Fits on any flat bench
• Lift-and-Hover alignment system


SmartFold Features

• Fold-away under-bench storage
• Lift-and-Hover alignment system
• Integral cutting strip


Freehand Features

• Portable for flexible use
• Lift-and-Hover alignment system


Suitable Cutting Substrates

• Foamcore
• Polystyrene
• Banners
• Vinyl film 
• Fabric and similar fibres



Keencut Evolution3 Product Guide

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