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CWT Linear Cutter

The CWT Worktools Linear Cutters are designed to make the life of a sign writer easier. Cut vinyl, fabric, carpet, PVC, rubber, and other materials, using the CWT Worktools Linear Cutter range.

Size Description Sold by *excl. GST incl. GST Quantity
KIT CWT Linear Cutter Set - 4pcs Ruler and 1 cutter Bundle  $2,640.00 $2,904.00
1000MM CWT Linear Cutter D100 - 1000mm Each  $1,238.00 $1,361.80
1700MM CWT Linear Cutter Y170 - 1700mm Each  $1,353.00 $1,488.30
2500MM CWT Linear Cutter B250 - 2500mm Each  $1,419.00 $1,560.90
3300MM CWT Linear Cutter R330 - 3300mm Each  $1,496.00 $1,645.60
5300MM CWT Linear Cutter G530 - 5300mm Each  $1,650.00 $1,815.00
HEAD CWT Linear Cutter - Extra Cutting Head Each  $1,155.00 $1,270.50
  *excl. GST price is for information only. GST applies to all products ordered. Order quantity must be a whole number.

CWT Worktools Linear Cutters

The CWT Worktools Linear Cutters are made for large users of cut products, cutting accurately and easily. Cut vinyl, fabric, carpet, PVC, rubber, and other materials using the CWT Worktools Linear Cutter range. Designed to make the life of a sign writer, who has to make long and precise cuts every day, easier. Optimised to significantly increase daily productivity, reduce user fatigue, and have long-lasting life.



• Light weight
• Heavy duty and high durability
• Cut by hand, or cut using the extension rod
• Non-skid bottom surface


Suitable Applications

• Vinyl and laminates
• Fabric
• PVC (soft and extruded)
• Carpet
• Flute board
• Leather
• Aluminium Composite (Dibond)
• Foam


*Linear Cutter Kit Set includes: 1 x Cutting Head, 1 x Extension Rod, 1 x D100 Ruler, 1 x Y170 Ruler, 1 x B250 Ruler and 1 x R330 Ruler.



CWT Worktools Linear Cutters Data Sheet
CWT Worktools Brochure


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