/> 3M 983-71ES Conspicuity Tape Yellow
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3M 983-71ES Conspicuity Tape Yellow

3M Diamond Grade 983 Conspicuity Markings Tapes are an edge sealed, highly retro-reflective with micro-prismatic markings designed to mark the sides and rear of vehicles for enhanced visibility and detection.

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50/45M 3M 983-71ES Conspicuity Yellow 50mm x 45m Roll  $241.21 $265.33
55/50M 3M 983-71ES Conspicuity Yellow ECE53 53.5mm x 50m Roll  $361.41 $397.55
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3M™ Diamond Grade™ 983 Conspicuity Tape Vehicle Marking Tape

3M Diamond Grade Series 983 are highly retroreflective microprismatic, edge sealed films with excellent angularity providing enhanced visibility and detection of vehicles. Ideal for rigid surfaces such as aluminium and stainless steel. ECE104 Compliant. Up to 7 years outdoor durability.



• Combined fluorescence and retroreflection provides 24-hour enhanced visibility and detection
• Excellent angularity
• Pre-sealed edges for increased durability
• Non-metallic construction
• Available in convenient roll sizes


Suitable Applications

• Rigid trucks and trailers
• Emergency vehicles
• Trains and buses


Improve fleet safety with 3M Diamond Grade Reflective Tapes

A truck with outline reflective markings is recognised earlier than an unmarked truck, giving other drivers more time to manoeuvre safely thus reducing the chance of an accident by up to 30 times.

3M offers a complete range of ECE104-compliant reflective tapes for marking rigid and curtain sided heavy vehicles. These products provide outstanding reflectivity and durability, are easy to apply, and backed by 3M's technical and customer service.


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