/> 3M Scotchlite 4090 Diamond Grade White
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3M Scotchlite 4090 Diamond Grade White

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609 3M Scotchlite 4090 Diamond Grade White 609mm       
  Order amount (Metre): 1-9  Metre $33.89 $37.28  
  Order amount (Metre): 10-19  Metre $30.81 $33.89  
  Order amount (Metre): 20-44  Metre $28.00 $30.80  
  Order amount (Metre): 45+  Metre $25.45 $28.00  
1219 3M Scotchlite 4090 Diamond Grade White 1219mm       
  Order amount (Metre): 1-9  Metre $67.78 $74.56  
  Order amount (Metre): 10-19  Metre $61.61 $67.77  
  Order amount (Metre): 20-44  Metre $56.00 $61.60  
  Order amount (Metre): 45+  Metre $50.89 $55.98  
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3M™ Scotchlite 4000 Diamond Grade Series Reflective Vinyl

3M Diamond Grade™ Cubed DG3 Reflective Sheeting is constructed from prismatic optical lenses or full cube technology for optimal performance. 100 percent light efficient, the optical elements return almost 60 percent of available light, nearly double that of traditional prismatics. This unique feature allows for a wider distribution of light to cars and trucks, from greater distances and viewing angles, ensuring all vehicles are alerted to critical signs faster and earlier. Combined with increased visibility thanks to the fluorescent finish on some of the colours, these colours stand out to the human eye during daylight hours ensuring maximum visibility for traffic control signs.

Approved to AS/NZS 1906.1 Standards, these films satisfy or surpass the most demanding performance specifications. Ideal for applications at all sight distances, and where signs are positioned in disadvantaged locations such as overhead. Backed by a warranty up to 12 years.

Other colours available on request.



• AS/NZS 1906.1 approved
• Innovative full cube corner technology gives outstanding performance at every angle and every viewing distance
• A highly fluorescent layer generates extra light in daylight and twilight hours (4081, 4083 and 4084 only)
• Optimal performance in the most challenging environments and weather conditions
• Exceptional performance in short, medium and long viewing distances
• Wider distribution of light increases visibility for truck and larger vehicle drivers
• Up to 12 years warranty


Suitable Applications

• Fluorescent yellow (4081) for warning signs
• Fluorescent yellow green (4083) for school zones and pedestrian signs
• Fluorescent orange (4084) for work zones



3M Scotchlite 4000 Diamond Grade Data Sheet


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