/> Preparing Vehicle Graphics Artwork

Tips and Tricks : Preparing Artwork for Vehicle Graphics

Vehicle Dimensions 
It is important to have the correct dimensions of the vehicle before designing the graphics. Vehicle templates for the vast majority of vehicle makes and models are available online. The other alternative is to physically measure the length, width and height of the vehicle and create the artwork using those measurements.

Image Quality and Resolution
It is imperative to select high resolution images such as professional photographs or stock images when creating vehicle graphics. Ensure the images are 300DPI and then resize to 1000DPI or 100DPI at size (resize the image to the actual dimensions it will be printed) this will provide the best quality when printed. If using vector graphics there is no need to worry about resolution as vector graphics are fully scalable and maintain their sharpness when scaled up or down.

It is always a good idea to outline your fonts, especially if the art is being printed by an external printer. Outlining fonts will make the text a vector graphic which eliminates the risk of having font issues when printed.

When you are ready to print the artwork, it is recommended that you save the artwork as a high resolution eps file, a high resolution pdf is also a good option. Create sufficient bleed around the artwork so there are no issues with the size of the art during installation. It is a good idea to design the artwork in large rectangle panels for each section of the vehicle based on the vehicles measurements.

 Preparing Vehicle Graphics Artwork

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