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KPMF K75444 Perfect White Gloss
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1524MM KPMF K75444 Perfect White Gloss 1524mm       
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KPMF Vehicle Vinyl Wrap

Wrap with Confidence™

KPMF’s vehicle vinyl wraps provides a diverse range of distinctive iridescent, starlight, pearlescent and metallic colours in both matte and gloss finishes.

The VWS IV (Vinyl Wrapping System) gives you premium quality cast PVC films that have been designed specifically for vehicle wrapping. Applications can include total vehicle wrap, selected vehicle graphics, signs or decals.

KPMF premium cast vehicle wrapping products offer outstanding conformability, superior finish, and long life.

Transform the appearance of your vehicle by choosing a total vehicle wrap or simply highlight specific features with KPMF’s eye catching colours and distinctive effects.



Using the latest advances in chemical and pigment technology KPMF vehicle wraps offer:
• Vibrant colours
• Exceptional dimensional stability
• Long term outdoor durability
• High recess conformability qualities due to the combination of soft cast vinyl formulation and specific adhesive design
• Bubble free flow out during installation with KPMF’s AiRelease technology
• Clear semi-permanent cross-linking acrylic solvent-based adhesive


With a range of car wrapping products, the KPMF range has a product to suit your needs.


Perfect Finish Vinyl Wrap Film

Traditional yet unique the black, white and grey colours give you perfect pure shades and a stunning gloss or matte finish. This range is suitable for outdoor environments.
Construction: Cast
Thickness: 80 micron
Width: 1524mm


Metallic Vinyl Wrap Film

Characterised by a broad spectrum of vibrant colours in both gloss and matte finishes, this film suits both interior and exterior applications.
Construction: Double Cast
Thickness: 80-100 micron
Width: 1524mm


Iridescent Colour Shift Vinyl Wrap Film

Distinctive, highly visible and novel colours with effects that really standout. Has long term durability and available in gloss or matte finish.
Construction: Double Cast
Thickness: 85-100 micron
Width: 1524mm


Starlight & Pearlescent Vinyl Wrap Film

These luxury effect car wrap films are perfect for when a unique and innovative sparkle or pearl finish is required.
Construction: Double Cast
Thickness: 85-100 micron
Width: 1524mm


Specialty Overlaminate Film

Luxury, innovative overlaminates that transform any application with the creation of a sparkling starlight or subtle pearlescent appearance. They permanently enhance and protect solid colours.
Construction: Double Cast
Thickness: 50-60 micron
Width: 1524mm



KPMF Perfect Finish Data Sheet
KPMF Metallic Data Sheet
KPMF Matte Data Sheet
KPMF Iridescent Data Sheet
KPMF Starlight and Pearlescent Data Sheet
KPMF Application Guide


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