/> Important Product Update Avery Dennison and Mactac

Some of Avery Dennison’s Window Films and Mactac’s Glass Décor Films have had their liner changed. 

The new liner will provide the same performance and appearance after application.

Due to supply issues with raw materials used for the liners of some Avery Dennison Window Films and Mactac Glass Décor films, Avery Dennison has been forced to change the liner to ensure ongoing supply. 

The new liner, which has a slightly lighter weight, (125g/sm vs 130g/sm) has been used in other regions and provides the same performance and appearance to the film after application. However, the colour of the new liner is more yellow, resulting in a noticeable difference in appearance when the product is on the liner. We want to reinforce that there will be 

wno difference in converting or in product performance.

Items affected by this change:

- Avery Dennison Dusted Glass

- Avery Dennison Etched Glass

- Avery Dennison Frosted Glass

- Avery Dennison Crystal Glass

- Mactac Glass Décor 598-03 Icy Effect Film

- Mactac Glass Décor 798-01 Frosted Film

- Mactac Glass Décor 798-02 Dusted Film

Should you have any questions relating to this product update, please contact your local Graphic Art Mart Account Manager. 

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