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Tips and Tricks : Heat Transferred Garment Maintenance

We are often asked the best way to maintain the integrity of a heat-transferred garment once it has been applied. Depending on the durability of each individual product, here are our top tips for getting the maximum life out of your newly pressed garment.

1. Allow a minimum of 24 hours post pressing time before completing any of the process outlined below.

2. Imagine your garment saying:

"If you're going to wash me, wash me inside out.
If you're going to dry me, dry me inside out, in the shade.
If you're going to iron me, iron me inside out.
Do not tumble dry or dry clean me."

3. While each product has its own set of specific washing instructions, we understand this can be hard to remember.
Instead, as a simple rule we encourage customers to wash at 40°C or under, which on most smart washing machines is a delicate cycle. This will work on most heat press materials, with the exception of metallic films.

For metallic films, we recommend a cold hand wash only to prevent any fade or degradation of the metallic layer on your graphic.

4. Standard mild washing detergents should be used. We recommend staying away from stain removers, bleaches and soaks. This will prevent accelerated fading of your graphic.

5. While we do have some products that may withstand the temperatures of a clothes dryer, we do not recommend using one. It is ideal to dry your garment inside out, in the shade.

Graphic Art Mart always recommends testing first.
Should you have any questions, please contact your local Graphic Art Mart Representative.


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