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Avery Dennison SWF236 Ambulance Yellow
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1520 Avery SWF236 Ambulance Yellow - 1520mm       
  Order amount (Metre): 1-9  Metre $59.44 $65.38  
  Order amount (Metre): 10-21  Metre $55.26 $60.79  
  Order amount (Metre): 22+  Metre $50.62 $55.68  
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Avery Dennison have recently upgraded the construction of 5 colours. If you can’t find what you’re after check here to see what colours are affected.

Avery Dennison Color Flow Series

Avery swf Change the way you think about paint

Avery Dennison Color Flow Series

Avery Dennison Supreme Wrap Care

Avery Dennison Supreme Wrapping Film

- An easier, faster, more flexible way to
change the colour of your car.

Many drivers treat their cars as a high-speed form of self-expression and fleet vehicles look best with a uniform aesthetic. Custom paint colours can look fantastic, but they are also costly and time consuming. Avery Dennison's Supreme Wrapping Film is a simple, fast and cost-effective way for drivers and businesses to accent, update or completely alter the appearance of a vehicle, while protecting the original paint from stone chips and "wear and tear".

Avery Dennison's Supreme Wrapping Film is a dual-layered Supercast film that incorporates colour, clear protective layers and a clear permanent Easy Apply RS™ adhesive to provide a durable and smooth, paint-like finish that fits like a second skin over any vehicle's curves and contours.


• Superior Supercast vinyl
• Easy Apply RS™ permanent adhesive
• Excellent long term removability
• Superior conformability on concave, convex and compound curves
• Up to 10 years durability for standard gloss, matte and satin
• Up to 5 years durability for metallics, pearlescents, brushed, carbon fibre, Giovanna, Justin Pate and Diamond colours
• Up to 4 years durability for ColorFlow colours
• Up to 3 years durability for Chrome colours
• Refer to Avery Dennison ICS Performance Guarantee 2.5 for more information on durabilities

Suitable Applications

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