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In a Glass of its own - Get Creative with Arlon Series 2500 Translucent Film


The creative possibilities are endless when using Arlon Series 2500 translucent film. Get the most out of your retail displays, illuminated signage and architectural projects. The film is designed specifically for backlit or internally illuminated signage where light transmission is important. 

The Emporium Hotel in Brisbane is one of the truly opulent boutique hotels in Australia. Located in the very trendy Fortitude Valley, its exceptional modern elegance and styling has earned it a world-class reputation. Recently, that reputation was further enhanced with the creation and installation of a stunning artwork that fuses glass sculpture and Arlon translucent colour signage film. The result is spectacular, and highlights why the use of coloured signage materials are perfectly at home for high-end interior design projects.


Inspired by artwork seen on a recent trip to Europe, the hotel’s owner wanted to create a major artwork using shards of glass. 

An initial design was drawn before the project was handed over to John Hyde of JH Glass Innovation in Cairns. An award winning business, JH Glass Innovation was the perfect choice with their well-earned reputation for creating and delivering exquisite works for the most challenging of projects. 

Once the design had been approved, John and his team set to work. 

“To begin with, we had 150mm high timber plinths built 600mm off the lift core walls – including a surround portal – to the 8 pairs of lift doors and, all the walls sheeted with 25mm structural ply to give us a perfectly flat level surface,” said John Hyde. “We then fixed 12mm acrylic sheet CNC grooved at the precise angle and depth as the shards that would be fitted to the entire wall. The next step was to install 300 LED lights down lights to the top and bottom of the large shard ends plus over 150 meters of LED flex lighting to the remaining small end shards. Once Adrian started applying the film and the first 50 were ready, we started the painstaking job of installing the (450) 2500mm high by 600mm wide raking glass shards. Each shard weighed 60kgs. Once they were fitted, then came the job of sealing all the joins in black and with a specially imported batch of red silicone. We had to use over 900 cartridges for the project. Finally, we fitted all the polished stainless steel trims and kickers. These were all cut to shape by hand, the attach all the mirrors to the base plinths.” 

In all, the construction and installation had to be done in stages and took about 3 months to complete. 

John brought in Adrian Fernandez and the team at Design Lab in Cairns to help with the project. It was the job of the Design Lab team to apply the vibrant red vinyl to the glass shards, helping to create that incredible, opulent look. 

“I have known Adrian and the team for many years and have worked with him many times,” said John Hyde. “Due to the scale of the project, I was not willing to trust anyone else to do it.” 

To begin the process of finding the perfect film for the job, Adrian spoke with Scott Raedler, Account Manager at Graphic Art Mart. Scott suggested that the team use Arlon 2500SL 2283 Red Cast Translucent because of its rich colour and performance capability. 

“Apart from being a superior product, we chose Arlon as the perfect colour match for what the client had previously chosen in a calendered film,” said Adrian. “Because the sculpture was to be all back lit - and not to mention the sheer size of the job - I recommended the Arlon for the simple fact that it’s a cast external grade film and not be likely to shrink or fail.” 

Once the decision was made and the colour chosen, the application work could begin. 

“The application process wasn’t exactly difficult,” said Adrian. “We had a nice, clean room set up at Viridian in Brisbane. The glass panels came to us in bundles on trolleys and we basically laid the film on wet using Quick Stick vinyl lube then stacked on a rack to dry. We would then come in the next day trim up panels from previous day and stack on a trolley ready for delivery then, start the process all over again. It took about a month in total to apply the film.” 

As one can see, the results are incredible, but to get a true sense of the intricacy, vibrance and impact of the project, you really have to walk around the structure to absorb it. 

“The reaction to the 2 completed walls has been incredible,” said John. “Not only from the client for making his vision a reality, but from the public and corporate sector as well with some saying it is world class. I believe that this project makes a statement and that we have raised the bar by providing a bespoke product to a client who’s expectations have not only been met but exceeded.” 

“The client and John at JH Glass Innovations were extremely pleased with the outcome,” said Adrian. “I’m blown away by the end result.” 

The Emporium Hotel glass project highlights a number of key points. Firstly, that Australia really does have the capability to produce world-class design, and the skills and people to make those designs a reality. Secondly, that coloured signage films, such as the Arlon 2500 Translucent range, can be used elegantly and efficiently for even the most stylish of projects. 

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Media used: Arlon 2500 2283 Red Cast Translucent Film. Learn more and shop the colours: Arlon Series 2500 Translucent Films

Created by JH Glass Glass Innovation

Graphics installed by Design Lab Cairns

The Emporium Hotel, Cafe, Restaurant - Fortitude Valley Emporium Hotels Brisbane







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