Avery OL2005 Blue Reflective Overlay

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1220 Avery OL2005 Blue Reflective Overlay - 1220mm       
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Avery Vinyl Film

Avery Dennison OL-2000 Transparent Overlay Film

Avery Dennison OL-2000 Series films are designed for computer sign cutting and application on the surface of Avery Dennison T-series reflective sheetings. They are ideal as an economical alternative to screen printing on small production runs.


• High clarity product for use with Avery Dennison Reflective Sheeting
• Uniform daytime and nighttime visual appearance
• Proven long term durability on safety devices
• Conforms to the colour and reflectivity specifications of the base reflective sheeting
Suitable Applications:
• Traffic signage
• Directional signage
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