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Keencut Steeltrak Substrate Cutter

The Steeltrak is specially designed for high quality cutting requirements. 2 sizes available: 1.65m and 2.10m.
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Size Description Sold by *excl. GST incl. GST Quantity
VGROOVE2 Keencut Steeltrak 90 V-GROOVER 2mm Each  $260.67 $286.74
CUTTER2.5 Keencut Steeltrak Substrate Cutter 2.50m Each  $6,850.19 $7,535.21
STAND2.5 Keencut Steeltrak Free Standing Kit for 2.50m Each  $862.95 $949.25
CUTTER2.1 Keencut Steeltrak Substrate Cutter 2.10m Each  $5,668.29 $6,235.12
STAND2.1 Keencut Steeltrak Free Standing Kit for 2.10m Each  $469.52 $516.47
CUTTER1.6 Keencut Steeltrak Substrate Cutter 1.65m Each  $4,878.19 $5,366.01
STAND1.6 Keencut Steeltrak Free Standing Kit for 1.65m Each  $328.67 $361.54
VGROOVE3 Keencut Steeltrak 90 V-GROOVER 3mm Each  $260.67 $286.74
VGROOVE4 Keencut Steeltrak 90 V-GROOVER 4mm Each  $260.67 $286.74
VGROOVE5 Keencut Steeltrak 90 V-GROOVER 5mm Each  $260.67 $286.74
VGROOVE6 Keencut Steeltrak 90 V-GROOVER 6mm Each  $260.67 $286.74
VBLADES Keencut Steeltrak 90 V-GROOVER Blades Each  $62.17 $68.39
WHEELS Keencut Steeltrak Replace Composite cutting wheels Each  $105.24 $115.76
GKIT Keencut Steeltrak Glass Cutting Kit Each  $231.52 $254.67
CHEAD Keencut Steeltrak Composite/MDF cutting head Each  $194.29 $213.72
GWHEELS Keencut Steeltrak TC Glass Cutting Wheel CA50-015 Each  $25.10 $27.61
ABLADE Keencut Steeltrak Acrylic Scoring Blade Each  $43.00 $47.30
HEAD-ST Keencut Steeltrak Steel Sheet cutting head Each  $156.00 $171.60
STRIP Keencut Steeltrak Sightline strips (pack of 3) Each  $61.52 $67.67
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Keencut - SteelTrak Substrate Cutter

The Keencut SteelTrak has been designed and built by Keencut engineers to surpass all current standards and meet the exceptional demands of the 21st century sign industry. Building on the huge success of the all-purpose Keencut Excalibur, and recognising the increasing demands of thicker, tougher sign materials, the design brief was simple. “Create a brand new vertical cutting machine exclusively for the Sign Maker. It must be the best manual cutter ever made but offer exceptional value for money. It must be strong, versatile, capable, easy to use, virtually maintenance free and built to last almost indefinitely. It must withstand the closest scrutiny, the toughest tests and deserve a place in every sign making workshop”.


• Universal 4 tool cutting head with automatic blade disengagement at the end of cut
• Fully equipped and ready for work with 100 blades included
• Keencut SteelTraK has Telescopic legs, adjustable for height & minimum fatigue
• Precise screw adjusted perma-lock squaring. Accurately cut panels every time
• Pre lubricated ball bearings on steel slide tracks for precision and lower friction
• Cuts without noise and is airborne-debris free
• Virtually maintenance free
Suitable Applications:
Cuttable Substates Include:
• Aluminium Composite Panel
• Glass
• Foamboard
• Polyestyrene
• Cardboard
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