Chemica Heat Transfer Textile

 Chemica Heat Transfer Media For Textiles

Chemica has chosen Graphic Art Mart to be their leading Australian Distributor of heat transfer media including their cutable and digital ranges. With experience spanning several decades, Chemica makes and distributes a wide range of high quality, heat transfer products for the textile market.
 Chemica Heat Transfer Media
Chemica Hotmark
Chemica Hotmark Metallic
Chemica Firstmark
Chemica TW Mark
Chemica Upperflok
Chemica Galaxy
Chemica Allmark
Chemica Darklite
Chemica Reflex
Chemica Carbon Fibre
Chemica Hotmark SIR Blockout
 Chemica Printable Heat Transfer Media
Chemica Easyprint 1702
Chemica Easyprint Blockout 1712
Chemica Hotmark Print 1792
Chemica Hotmark Print SIR 1975
Chemica Flokprint 1950
Chemica Suitprint 1900
Chemica Clearprint 1690
 Heat Transfer Accessories
Heat Transfer Accessories
 Oeko-Tex Standard 100
The majority of the Chemica products benefit from the Oeko-tex label, which is a fully-certified label demonstrating that the product is compliant with health and safety regulations within the standard class tests of 100 - class 1 and 2. Chemica products can be in direct contact with the skin and their products go throught rigerous testing in order to obtain the Oeko-Tex safety-certified label.